Holidays in Melrose

... Celebrations!

By Debbi Collar & Flo Shea

Once again holiday celebrations of Christmas and Hanukkah have come and
gone yet left many families with memories to last for years to come.
Digital cameras and cellphone photos have recorded this past year's series
of 2016 events in its last days that are now permanently housed on
Facebook. Favorite photos are still placed in scrapbooks. Recent
technology has provided quite a change from the previous black and white
photos of the 60s, and from the tin types of past years. Today's
technology also allows relatives living in distant areas easy access
chatting with or joining in family celebrations they may not be able to
attend in person.  

This article shows many families throughout the city of Melrose enjoying those
festivities.One city tradition is that of the Mt. Hood Park Association's Children's
Holiday Party with the officialvisits from Joe Boccia,who provided musical
entertainment,Tim LeVesque (the Balloon Magic of Yarrow, who created a variety of
balloon hats, animals and other items. Also, to the delight of all there was, a visit from Santa.

Jackson Bird could not wait for all the fun- he was the first to arrive
at the clubhouse

Joshua Armstrong holds a balloon creation while one of the youngest
members at the gathering, Julie Cave,misses all the action

Gail Sarney and Isabella Batt kick up their heels on  the dance floor

Baby Talia Serafin's mom, Alicia, introduces her child to Santa.  Also,
members of the Medeiros family pose for a family


Stringer Flo Shea made this from a Bucilla craft kit that used beads
and sequins 15-20 years ago. She decorates her front door with it every year.

(i>The "Have you been here?" crew sent their holiday greetings to all via MMTV's Holiday
Greeting Cards video session. Pictured from left to right are: Rita Mucera; Debbi
Collar; Louise Fennell; Don Norris; Flo Shea; Norma Staples and Kay McCarte.

To all of our readers, a Happy Healthy, Safe New Year and may you all
capture pleasant, special long-lasting enjoyable memories throughout 2017.

January  6, 2017

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