Christmas Dinner for all

... and a good time was had by all

by Shirley Rabb

For about 27 years the Temple Beth Shalom in Melrose has catered a dinner
on Christmas day for anyone that wanted to come.
The Green St. Baptist Church has been the meeting place for many years, as
it was this year.

Ruth Greenholz was the leader of the team of volunteers this year. With a
group of hundreds (kidding) she and her staff pulled
it off again.

The kitchen staff was busy preparing the meal as men and women of the
temple stirred and mixed and checked food temperatures.

The tables were set with vegetable platters and dip; there were nuts for
snacking and small chocolate candies to start the day.

There was minestrone soup and the temple got a great price on Turnerís
famous clam chowder. The temple supplied the turkey, sweet potatoes and
green beans and Whole Foods donated the mashed potatoes and stuffing.

We had Egg Nog, and coffee, tea or water to drink and music by Rowen and
Fran, with some help by Sunny.

Jacob and Janet were handing out name tags as the people started to arrive
around 1pm. There were people from Melrose and surrounding areas. Ken came
in his electric wheel chair from the Cochrane House, right here in
Melrose; Debra and Rosanna drove in from Cambridge and Don came all the
way from Winthrop to enjoy a meal with his friend from Saugus.

Jeff was carrying around his daughter Avi while mother helped out serving
food. Nathan and Max were just kids having a fun

The tables started to fill up as people came to meet other people and
prepare to have a great meal.
Rabbi Arnie gave a prayer for peace and good health for all people.

The volunteers kept moving by serving the soup and chowder and then plates
full of hot food.

It was a talking to your neighbors, laughing and enjoying the holiday
surrounded by others that might have been eating alone.

Barbara was busy putting pies, and cupcakes and cookies on trays for the
sweet desserts that were donated by the Sweet Spot
Bakery in Melrose.

The gift table was next; as visitors were able to form a line and help
themselves to tokens of our appreciations for joining us

People started leaving and then it was time for the cleanup crew to take

Susan set herself up at the sink to do dishes and Ruth was all around
making sure the finishing jobs went well.

For Ruth and her staff it was a long busy day. It was a rewarding day for
those of us helping to make it a happy Christmas day
for every one that came.

Temple Beth Shalom wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

6, 2017

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