How Rockview Avenue got its name

... From Sylvan Street to Mount Vernon Street

from Rola Savarino

My home on Rockview Avenue.

Melrose was part of Malden until January 1, 1900, It then became a city.

Two brothers came from Italy by boat to work in America. John Bucci was
born in 1887 and Baptist Bucci was born in 1909. Their work was building

They cleared paths, trees and rocks to open the road from Sylvan Street to
Mount Vernon Street. They called it Mount Vernon Avenue and it is still
called that today.

The depression hit in 1929-1939. Business was at a standstill and there
was no money available. In 1935, with their own money they cleared a road
from Mount Vernon Avenue to Main Street for the home of John Bucci. It was
built on a ledge and looking East one sees the Rock -- thus the name
Rockview Avenue.

Evelyn, Leo, Rose, Bill and Rola beside Bucci's grocery store.

The road to Boston Rock Road and all other land was turned over to the
City of Melrose during the depression. The road was later completed by
Patten, a developer. They kept the name and built homes with a beautiful
view of Boston and Revere.

Mount Vernon Avenue extends from Sylvan Street to Mount Vernon Street.

Pine Banks Park was given to the cities of Malden and Melrose by the
Converse family, to be used ONLY as a park.

In 1932 I watched when they removed the electric car tracks from Main
Street and seen many changes in the City of Melrose and other cities.

January  6, 2017

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