Fifth year, dinner for the old folks

... who says Melrose doesn't have the right stuff???

from the SilverStringers ...

It all started some five years ago, when a group of Melrose people thought
they would do a good deed during the Christmas season. From that start in
2012 a nebulous group of local folks have produced this good deed  for the
city's elderly residents -- every December.

The outcome has been, for five years now, a sumptuous dinner for any and
all the seniors who want to come, a beautiful dinner produced by a group
of neighbors  --- free. No strings. No obligations. No charge. Just good
food served at the Milano Center for any local senior who wants to come.

Unfortunately the SilverStringers (producers of this on-line monthly
newspaper) weren't able to get their story done for the December issue, so
they guarantee that the space it deserves will appear in next month's
issue. The photo above is the crew of Melrose neighborhood volunteers who
produced this good deed dinner just before Christmas -- and the Melrose
Mirror editors have promised to get a more detailed report in our February

In the meantime, the photo above is of the volunteers who produced this
past December's event -- planned it, cooked it, paid for it, presented it
and cleaned up afterward -- at the Milano Center.

Bless your hearts, good people.

January 6, 2017

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