The day the MHS singers came ...

... bringing beauty, music, and new life

from Don Norris

Getting old can be hard. It can be tiresome, boring, over-burdening,
perhaps even dull.

But then, something happens, like the high school chorus comes to lunch at
the Senior Center. And spirits soar. Life is lovely again -- at least as
long as these gifted youngsters keep on singing.

I exaggerate, but it's the way things are. We try to sing along, but
strange sounds come squeeking out. Oh yes, I tend to exaggerate,
especially after some young people visit to show us that life is
beautiful. Again.

Their visit really is important to us -- us being the super-seniors at the
Milano Center. The kids' effort to produce a good show has a dramatic
effect on those of us who appreciate fine music -- only as young people
can provide.

... talk about being beautiful ...

February 3, 2017

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