A human's idea of a winter wonderland

... my ideas of cold paws

by Casa

Would that Here it is…winter and let me explain.

It is too cold for me to walk my usual 20 minutes; something like 17 degrees
outdoors.  Then I hear on the TV the  "Real Feel” is only 7 degrees. What is that
all about? Why don’t they just say 7 degrees and get it over with.

Well, let me continue. You all know me, right?

I am a 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier who stands floor to belly eight inches
with all my 14.5 pounds.

When we have snow that is eight or more inches, which we had last month. it kind
of cramps my going out.

My parent, heaven bless her, shovels a path for me in the back yard.

There is a sort of grassy-snowy area that is safe for me to go out to do what I
have to do.

Well, one day I thought some snow had melted and it was o.k. for me to check out
the trees at the back of the yard.

I forgot about what you humans call snow drifts. I made myself a path and moved
along quickly to the nearest bush and boy was it cold.

I hurried back through my original dog made path and stood shivering to get up the
energy to do my “thing” before running for the stairs and the back door.

My parent, seeing my condition, lifted me into her arms and wiped my paws with a
soft towel. I am not a lap type dog but this was a welcomed experience after my
silly escapade.

I am also a dog that has not worn a sweater, jacket, or booties all my life and I
am not going to start now.

Really how would it look to my friends? I am a Jack Russell, strong and swift, and
yes, getting older.

Well, to top it all off, I am not happy with this winter wonderland stuff.

I realize from what I heard, that I may not be going to Maine as long as the
temperature is c-o-l-d and the snow is piled high. (Higher in Maine, of course)

I have a great dog sitter, pills to take and plenty of food and snacks, so I will
lie on the couch, sit by the window and just relax till winter is over.

How about your plans?

February 3, 2017

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