Today it is about the birds

... they came to brighten up a cloudy day

by Shirley Rabb

The feeders have been empty since my last trip home, about a month ago.

Now the four bottle feeders and the suet are filled to the welcoming brim.

The birds sense the seeds and fly to the feeders in frenzy. The tiny chickadees and the
titmouse are followed by goldfinches, woodpeckers and juncos.

It always amazes me that the larger birds leave for the warmer weather and the smallest
birds remain in the winters of Maine.

It is warm today, about 37 degrees and the snow is melting and sliding of the metal
roof. The birch trees stand still against the weather and some are already bending into
the snow.

There are no footprints on the beach or frozen lake; only the shoveled paths lets me
know that the young man I hired has been here to clear my way to the feeders.

It is cloudy and quiet and only the flight of the birds dashing from tree to bush to
feeders and back again are the only movement. The pine trees are still and tall standing
guard over the season of snow.

This is not like Melrose where the streets are bare as if the snow had never fallen.
Once it snows in Maine, at least near my home, the snow remains for the season;
beautiful and white and welcoming, as the birds have made my return welcoming.

I do not hear their songs but I see the happiness in their flight and it makes me happy

February 3, 2017

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