What's bright, colorful -- and cropped?

... a short piece on editing photos of his paintings ...

from Don Norris

It's not quite the real thing -- but then, most everything that's published for
public consumption, is modified. Like modified to fit the space, modified so no
one's feelings don't get hassled ...

In this case, the cropping of this 30-year old oil painting happened by
happenstance. I really didn't mean to do it. All I was doing was looking though a
folder of paintings I had done over the past 85 years. Well, maybe not 85 ... I
didn't start painting until age 45, more or less.

But this painting, above, is my favorite, not because it is the best one I ever
did, but, while fooling around with an electronic copy of it, the machine
accidentally cropped it's height. The bottom couple of inches were cut off,

When I saw what the computer had done, I was obviously upset -- I'd had to make
another print of the original. More work.

But that's beside the point. The painting did get cropped from the bottom up.
plus a little was removed from the right side, vertically. I swore at the
electronic copy when I saw what had happened. But after a few minutes, the new,
cropped version looked, logically, pretty damned good.

Further, my computer has a habit of adjusting photos, mainly for sappy colors, bad
cropping, maybe modifying the range of dark and light.

This time (I have to admit), the computer did the right thing. I LIKE the
resulting, modified, copy -- which is the one pictured above.

We can't all be perfect. Machines help. But perhaps in the next life.

February 3, 2917

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