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... technology help for all and it's FREE!

by Debbi Collar

SDM Foundation Associate Janet Nevin and Executive Director
Kristin Thorpe

Just a few months into assisting residents in Melrose, Ma and its
surrounding communities with computer technology, SDM,
(Stuart Donald McIntosh)foundation is "growing in leaps and bounds,"
according to one of the city's longtime residents and one of SDM's
foundation associate, Janet Nevin. She and Executive Director, Kristin
Thorpe. In a recent interview, conducted by MMTV'S  producer and director,
Louise Fennell of "Have You Been Here?" program, the women and other SDM
associate s were praised for bringing the work of Macintosh to fruition.

The foundation was set up to "help people "learn how to use their computers.'
SDM also provides assistance with various devices, such as phones, IPADS and various operating systems..

SDM Founder was a pioneer in the computer industry in the very early years

Stuart Donald Macintosh, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, bequeathed
the financial support for the foundation. According to Nevin, "he had
expressed an interest in making computers easy for everyone. That was his
dream and we brought it to fruition." She also mentioned that he eventually
found his way to Stanford and MIT, Cambridge. SDM's Executive Director had
worked with him for 30 years. SDM accommodates learners at all levels, from beginner to advanced, concerning today's technology. The ribbon cutting in
Melrose ceremony took place on September 7, 2016. Their location is 465 Main
Street and all lessons are free.  

Residents of the city and its surrounding communities are asked to call to
arrange a time for being tutored on various technology devices. Although they prefer their students to bring in their own devices, they also have computers
on hand for people to try.

Other associates on hand to assist are Josh Dick and Beth Lucien. Each of the
associates are well versed in technology whether it is  or use with photography,
music, learning how to create spreadsheets, write a resume or learn more about
operating a cellphpne.

SDM is set up more for one on one lessons, yet Nevin says SDM does have a
projector that allows them to work "with small groups of people on specific

Cost of individual tutoring on any device

All classes are FREE whether individual of small group. Nevin is also happy to
report for those unable to make it on workdays that  Saturday classes are in
session  from  9:00-12:00 and SDM plans to continue their service to the
communities as she says, "SDM will be here for a long, long time."

To make an appointment, SDM can be contacted by filling out the online form
emailing them at info@sdmfoundation.net or by telephone (781-606-2621)

February 3, 2017

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