Where have all the people gone

... the beach is for the birds now

by Shirley Rabb

The shadows fall along the walkway and empty benches. The sidewalks, the beach
and surrounding buildings are left for only the birds; they sit and walk, and
fly wherever they choose.

It is a cold, sun shiny day at Revere Beach and all is quiet. The birds in
their flight, or fighting over food do not make much noise today.

I do not see leftover clams or fries from Kelly’s; and there are only small
scraps of food for the Sea Gulls’ but they find what there is.


They seem to be resting as the winter continues.  The water and long stretch
of sandy beach is what they own now. No children or adults; no beach chairs or
ball games to disturb their resting time.


Imposing in their manner and majestic in their flight, they control the area;
it is theirs for now.

March 3, 2017

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