It's not the players -- it's the coach!

... borrowed from the Globe's front page ...

from Don Norris

I can't write this story until Sunday evening's game is over.

February 7: Well, it's over, the game has been played and the Patriots have
come out victorious. I mean, that game was deadly for three quarters, when the
score was Atlanta 28, Patriots three. It was so disheartening that I gave up
watching. I mean, who wants to watch your team get blasted off the end of

About 8:30, I noticed that my news copy of Coach Belichick had fallen off the
mantle -- and that there were only a few minutes left. Quickly I posted that
drawing again, on the mantle. Then suddenly, our hero, quarterback Tom Brady
threw a pass to his wide end -- and we added not six, but EIGHT points to our
failing score. I went  to the kitchen to refresh my cocktail, and when I came
out, our club had scored again!

Life suddenly changed. There was a light, a brightness, a wonderment. And the
locals put their minds to it -- to score yet another TeeDee -- and add the
extra TWO points after. And that was the final bit of wonderment. The lights
came on, the brightness lit up all of New England, and God said to us, let
there be light in New England.

We had WON! We -- our team -- became champions of the world -- AGAIN! We kept
on gambling on point's after -- and God smiled on New England. We WON! We won,

And it's all because I put Coach Belichick's Boston Globe picture up on the

March 3, 2017

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