The Ship

... Another iconic Route 1 landmark may be sailing away into the sunset.

It was the destination for celebrations, or just get-togethers with friends. Even if you
were not going there, a trip up or down Route 1 always included the sight of the masts
reaching high into the sky.

And, now, it is about to be demolished for yet more retail space, a coffee shop  and bank
– so more traffic coming on and off Route 1.

According to its website it was erected in 1930, which makes it almost as old as me. I
was born in 1929.

Photograph by Osbourne

I was maid of honor for my friend, Joan Greenlaw, who had her wedding reception there
when she married Ray Olander. (That is me beside the bride.)

My Aunt Rita's retirement party from the City of Everett was held there and when my
sister, Betty, retired from the Soldier's Home in Chelsea, they held her retirement party

As a Eucharistic Minister, I brought Holy Communion to John and Mary Cahill for several
years. Among his many stories John told me how he and Mary went there often for Sunday
dinners. As a World War II Navy man he loved the thought of eating in a “ship.” However,
it did bother him that the rigging on the masts was not done right.

He approached the owner and suggested that he and a friend would be happy to go up onto
the masts and re-rig (is that a word?) them. And so they did. Another reason why I will
miss seeing the Ship.

My friend, Joan, now lives in Bonita Springs, Florida, and when I called her to tell her
about the demolition she told me that a while back a company in her area built a
restaurant. They wanted to call it “The Ship,” but first they had to get permission from
the owners in Lynnfield, Massachusetts to use the name. Apparently they got it but Joan
said it didn't last too long.

As of now, Lynnfield officials are looking into whether The Ship can be designated an
historical landmark. I hope it can.

Photographs of The Ship from Louise Fennell and Shirley Rabb

March  3, 2017

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