Coffee cups and fine memories

... a short piece about our travels

from Don Norris

Count the places you've been over the past lifetime -- I have to admit, it's a
chore, not an easy thing to do. At age 86.

Lorry and I do have one aid to help remember where we've been. We collected
NOT pennants, not flags, not expensive doodads. We bought coffee cups. Not
everywhere, for sure, for lots of places weren't into pushing coffee cups. A
glass from the bar, perhaps, but then they didn't identify them. No decals, no
way to recall where or when.

So, on occasion, we bought coffee cups. Pensacola, where my mom was from, for
sure. Key West several times. We got one in New Orleans -- but lost it before
we reached home. Lorry brought one back from Paris, but it got broken and
tossed. I was supposed to go on that trip, but somehow I managed to sprain my
backside, and couldn't make the trip; so she went with a college friend and
her husband.

New York provided another coffee cup -- I believe it was of the statue of
Liberty -- but it too went the way of old dishes. Too bad, that was a nice
souvenir. We picked up several cups in 1983 when we officially retired and
spent a year traveling the perimeter of our country in a motorhome. I think
those cups went with motorhome -- we sold it after our year sleeping in
bunkbeds. Great trip, though.

There is one, however, from World War II, celebrating women who worked for the
war effort.

What cups we salvaged however, were from college days. Long after we
graduated, we both bought a souvenir cup from our schools -- Lorry from
Simmons College, and mine at Tufts.
Actually we two met on a blind date when my buddy Wally Hayward's girlfriend
(and soon his wife) Joyce Appel, fixed me up with Lorry Langenfeld -- Joyce's
roomate at Simmons. It turns out that both Lorry and I were New Jersey natives
and lived some 14 miles apart for our first 18 years. We met in Melrose.

We've been to Charlottesville, South Carolina, many times, and we love that
place. It is beautiful, and we both have a souvenir cup.

Over the years we have visited, or driven through, 48 of our 50 states, having
missed North Dakota and Alaska. And yes, we have been to Hawaii and some nine
European countries, although I can't say we came home with that many coffee
cups. Good memories, however.

March 3, 2017

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