Random Thoughts

Thoughts While Shaving

by Jim Tierney

How old is old these days? According to mortality tables it’s close to 80
today, although and it was about 50 a hundred years ago. At what age do you
stop “keeping up” your house and why would you when you get old? Over
time, your house and it’s contents can go from old and worn out to antique and
rustic. How’s that go?…one person’s junk is another person’s treasure? We have
a colonial house with detached barn that’s close to 200 years old and we coulda/shoulda NOT painted it over the years, INCREASING it’s value for those people who WANT old and rustic looking colonials. However, we HAVE been painting it regularly to keep the authorities from condemning it and keeping the neighbors happy and their property values up. The last time we had it painted was 10 years ago and, being in our 70’s, I told the painter we’ll never see him again. Silly us, now in our 80’s we just had the house painted again but this time I told the painter we’ll see him again in 10 years.

April 7, 2017

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