Random Thoughts

Thoughts While Shaving

by Jim Tierney

Who started the Politically Correct movement and why don’t we say enough is enough when it gets out of hand. Santa can’t say Ho Ho Ho anymore in Australia because it frightens children and is derogatory to women, it’s racist to use the word Chicago, North Carolina doesn’t allow Choose Life on license plates because it’s unconstitutional, Chaplains for the Charlotte, VA Police Dept. are banned from using Jesus on government property, some groups think it’s “time” for a woman president, even if she’s not the best candidate, AND…God Forbid!!..it has been suggested that football not allowed to be played for anyone under 14…and some have even suggested that football be banned altogether. I ALWAYS thought manhole was untouchable but someone HAS come up with “politically correct” alternatives…
utility hole and maintenance hole…I’m not kidding!!..and where DID “politically correct” come from? Does that mean we want everything to be as correct as politicians?...hmmmmm?? 

May 5, 2017

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