Random Thoughts

Thoughts While Shaving

by Jim Tierney

Why is it that the Postal Service canít raise the cost of a stamp a penny or two without an uproar? Such a small infrequent increase compared to increases in food, clothing, healthcare, etc.† And who is it who complains? Where can you find a service of ANY kind for such a small cost? The Postal Service will deliver your mail promptly anywhere within the nationís borders, including by pack mule to the Havasupai Indian reservation at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and on snowmobiles to the wilds of Alaska. Do postal workers still make that pledge? ďNeither snow nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed roundsĒ. Regular mail has reduced considerably since email but continues at the same pace for many reasons, for greeting cards, invitations, etc., although some people use impersonal email for these very personal things. Thereís nothing like getting a personal letter or card the old fashioned way even though it may take a couple of days to arrive. Email may be faster but regular mail has come a long way since the Pony Express. So the next time you send a greeting card to a loved one, think about the cost of the card in relation to the cost of getting it to its destination, and what a bargain it is!!! Not to mention the joy you get sending it and the added joy when itís acknowledged.

June 2, 2017

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