Random Thoughts

Thoughts While Shaving

byJim Tierney

“Those were the good old days” “When I was your age….” Kids today roll their eyes and
shake their heads and try to disappear when they hear this. Of course, they have no idea
how well off they are today than back when. We don’t have to go back too far to remember
the 4-party telephone line where 4 different families had the same line and you had to
wait and wait and wait until someone got off the line before YOU can make a call. And
when you DID finally get on, you couldn’t stay too long as you heard the clicking of the
other families trying to make a call. Television was black and white with 3 channels and
no remote. Computers came along and replaced typewriters and email replaced snail mail.
Then video cameras and wireless phones replaced our basic Kodak film cameras and Polaroid
instant picture cameras. And NOW we have a small hand held device that can do it all,
phone, take pictures, video, access internet, email, watch TV programs, read newspapers,
not to mention, texting, twitter, snapchat, Facebook. Kids today should experience some
of the “good old days” to appreciate what they have these days. 

July 7, 2017

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