Do you want to build an indoor snowman?

... posting thoughts about winter and its wonders-indoors and outdoors

by Debbi Collar

Here's a question usually asked by hearty New Englanders and others who share
the climate of winter. Usually the question is asked by children "Do you want
to build a snowman?" It is heard more frequently following the first heavy
snowfall of the season in which the snowflakes that have fallen re heavy
enough to stick together to form a snowball. A child's small hands, sometimes
assisted by adult sized hands then continue to roll two or three round, white
snowballs into one, two or three tiered large frozen form, called a snowman.

Whether the snowman is named Frosty or Olaf or given other names, building a
snowman is a fun and enjoyable task during the winter season.

That's only if you enjoy bone chilling temperatures though and being bundled
up in hats, mittens or gloves, scarves or earmuffs. Let's not forget the boots
too. Less hearty New Englanders at the Milano Senior Center in Melrose joined
in the season's fun, but in a much warmer environment.

A beautifully decorated bulletin board depicted a snowman. Theirs was two
tiered and made of paper.

Next to it, the question, " What do you like best about this season?"

Post it notes and pens, with flowers on top, giving a hint of spring on its
way, were left on a table nearby inviting all who wished, to write their

Numerous post it notes now coat the paper snowman with a variety answers.
Here's a short list of answers:

"Helping neighbors"
"People are extra nice"
"Holiday music"
"Warm PJs"
"The smell of my Christmas wreath"
"Curling up with a good book"
"Children building snowmen"and my own personal favorite;
"The end of the season!"

As the end of the season approaches and before another decoration is placed on
the Center's bulletin board, please stop by, read a few more of the post it
enjoy it.

March 3, 2017

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