Wintertime in Melrose

... snow tires, sleds, boots, snow plows, beautiful scenes ...

from Don Norris

February this year is quirky. Snow on and off, sunshine, clouds, really cold
temps followed by mid-fifties.

The town is a pretty place to begin with, no matter what the season. Founded
in the early sixteen hundreds, it has become known as "the bedroom of Boston."
Houses as old as 400 years, yet new ones popping up all the time. Like the new
four-story complex on Essex Street, at the bend -- designed for our retirees.

Now add snow, and everything becomes a land of magic, of beauty, of slippery
roads and huge snowbanks. Funny, our altitude runs from about 50 feet above
sea level, up to 250 feet on Grandview Road. We can look down on Boston, eh?

You'll have to admit, our city is one of the neatest, prettiest, oldest, most
modern places in the metropolitan area. Oh, there are richer towns -- like
Winchester -- but then Winchester doesn't have the view of Boston harbor, the
south shore, and the city itself.

We residents are lucky that way. Good facilities, easy commute, attractive and
reasonably priced homes, good schools and a working government.

Not bad, for a four-hundred-year-old community, eh?

March 3, 2017

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