Cygnet, gosling and duckling Flight School

... Ell Pond and waterfowl take off and landings.

by Debbi Collar

Pilots on their first solo flights have fears.  Imagine the fears of cygnets,
goslings and ducklings as their parents prepare them for flying lessons. Less
than a year after learning to swim, their parents let them know its time to
leave the nest and go off to live independently.

As promised in last month's Melrose Mirror article "Spring is in the air,"
part 2's pictorial essay is to show readers there's more life at Ell Pond than
one can imagine.  All you have to do is observe your surroundings closely.  

The photographs below are a compilation of the past four years while watching
the behaviors of "Mel", "Rose" and their cygnets as well as a lone goose and
its gosling all learning to fly.  Apparently air space for ducklings was
restricted on this day.

Below...musings of what these feathered friends may have been thinking as they
took to the

Getting the cygnets to pay attention

This gosling also pays strict attention to its parent as flight lessons

"It's as easy as walking on water!"

"Like this?"

"Wings straight out, body raised above the water's surface

"My turn - I can do this too!"

"This is important and I can see not everyone is paying strict attention"

But some cygnets are paying attention and "we have liftoff!"

Next on the agenda for little cygnets, this demonstration on the art of
safe landings

April 7, 2017

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