Our Boston skyline -- in 'moving' pictures

... from Harvard Square down river, in photos ...

by Don Norris

The chore for the day was to visit the computer store on Memorial Drive in Cambridge,
past MIT, up near Harvard. It is a fun store, and one can spend a pile of money there
on a zillion things-electronic. I needed cards -- electronic cards -- and this place had
a sale going on.

It took me half an hour to make a five-minute purchase, but I managed to get out
without spending a wad.

It was a beautiful day, I was between rush-hours, so I stalled once or twice to take a
flick on Boston, across the river. The day was clear, even brilliant, there was
exceptionally little traffic on Memorial Drive -- the the scenes I saw were beautiful.

So I drove along, sort of slowly, snapping flicks of the city across the river. It was
an easy assignment, bright sun, beautiful river, great skyline. I kept shooting as I
went along -- amazed at the absence of traffic. I stopped to shoot only once or twice.

Those beautiful pictures remained on the card for the better part of a year -- I can't
explain why, but I came across them last week.

Yes the first five pictures above were shot while cruising along Memorial Drive, for
there was no place left to pull over. The scenes were just magnetic, so beautiful ...
This last shot is also from my library, taken one day while I was puttering around our
Mount Hood golf course.

That's all, folks...

March 3, 2017

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