Reaching towards the sky

  ... with dreams of green

by Shirley Rabb

On a cloudy March day the trees at Pine Banks stretch to the limits; looking for the


The surrounding evergreens seem to be a promise of the season to come.

The strength of the branches moves slowly creating mysterious shapes in the constant

An occasional break in the clouds makes the view more believable; and it will not be long
before we see the leaves again.


Like an Alfred Hitchcock movie the noise of the wind and twisting branches makes me keep
my eyes focused; afraid to look away.

Who, or what, has created the interwoven, the bends and crooks and the shapes of these
sturdy timbers?

Now the sun is out and I take a breadth and believe that spring and summer will soon be
here, and I will once again be surrounded with green trees.


April 7, 2017

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