Hodgepodge, goofy, outrageous!!!

... itinerant photos, left-overs, never seen before ...

Don Norris

In a house without a basement, any place can be considered Don's workspace!

Stones, relics of my trying to wade across the Pentucket River. Those boots (which
cropped from the picture...) walked a hundred miles before the heart surgery; since
then, I haven't walked nary a mile.

My office, to which my wife objects.

Note the two Boy Scout knives -- to which my wife objects.

That's her! It's her!! It's the same girl I married some 65 years ago. And now
she's on her hands and knees, sorting through a lifetime of medical reports for the
Veterans Clinic in Boston. Such is life. I love her, yet. Still. Always. .

June 2, 2017

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