Intergenerational Spring Fling Dance

... a joyous fun filled time

by Shirley RAbb

The 4th annual Intergenerational Spring Fling Dance came together at Memorial  
Hall on March 26th this year.

Camryn Pfeiffer and Isabel Bates once again hosted the party for Melrose students. Both
girls are seniors of Melrose High School and will be heading for college in the fall.
Their choices of schools is still a secret but their ability to hold a party is top


As last year the students of Melrose High School proved that our teens can
come together with seniors for a fun filled afternoon.

Dan Maguire coming back for the third year and  set the room in motion with
songs of the era.


Food was catered by Avellino's in Medford and served by the members of the high school.
Salads and Italian choices were  piled high on plates for everyone. Desserts were
cupcakes and cookies along with coffee and tea.

Many of the local shops were sponsors of this years event assisting the teens
with food and prizes.


The tables were filled with smiling happy seniors; and the dancing came alive with both
the seniors and teens moving in motions of fox trots and things like the hully gully, the
chicken and hip moving, feet tapping songs.



Prizes were given out for question and answer quizzes by Dan Maguire. There
were drawings of prizes towards the end of the evening as well.

A bit of clowning around by Dawn Folopoulos and photographer Mary Pfeiffer.
Mayor Dolan arrived to spend some time with Melrose residents and a few of his buddies.


Camryn and Isabel pass on the torch for next years dance to Emma Bates and Hayden Russell
who are already planning another day of enjoyment and pleasure for the seniors of

It was wonderful to be able to span the gap of ages and have a extraordinary time.

Thanks go to Mayor Dolan, Melrose Board of Aldermen, Kathy Pigott-Brodeur and
Dawn Folopoulos for their support to make this a most pleasant experience for all
age groups.

April 7,2017

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