The politician, in the works

... reserecting an age-old carving ...

from Don Norris

Never finished.

Another piece of artwork that author Don Norris (an editor of this
publication) started about a decade ago -- but ran out of gas, ran out of enthusiasm,
and dropped carving as a pastime.

Too bad, for there are lots of those "people" around the Norris household. On the
mantle, on the coffee table, in the kitchen and in the new-room. All shapes but all
about five or six inches tall, all comics, most of them finished and painted.

Like all those "little men" -- whose design emminated from some book I read as a
boy, carved but not finished. Dwarfs, religious folk, wanderers, politicians ... there
must be a couple of dozen finished characters, all carved and painted during the
"carving and painting age".

"I'll bring them out, one-by-one, as time goes by," said Norris, sitting at his computer
--- a magic room that his three kids occupied some six decades ago. The room is now "The
Computer Room" -- although it also serves as a library, a stock room, a place to run the
lone computer, a place to steal away and do creative something.

That room is so packed full now, there is little room for his roll-about desk chair -- a
prize he bought some ten years ago. It is his favorite seat in the whole house. It is
where he runs the family portfolio, where he creates images on the internet, where he
stores his family's stories.

It is a place of his own. Wife Lorry can't fit in unless invited -- and then only
to announce that lunch is ready. Life is pretty good these days, but she and I are
getting older, day by day. We enter the lives of our three "children" on occasion,
usually to solve some financial problem or to provide support. The kids all live in a
place called "Far Away".

And so, as time passes, one can imagine why Mr. Norris carves a new character, or
cuts a new sapling for yet another walking stick. The kids are all gone elsewhere
now, and so the Computer Room becomes that vital place to work, to create, to think
about really important matters -- like, what's for supper tonight???

And that's why there exists characters like that that fellow above. I have nothing
better to do with the precious time I have left.

May 5, 2017

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