Easter Chocolate

...what's wrong with chocolate?

by Betty Rossi

When you are a chocolate lover and you give up chocolate for Lent, are Oreo
Cookies considered chocolate? I should ask Joe Sullivan. He's the oldest altar
boy I know. Chocolate, like in chocolate bars or chocolate chips, like in my
chocolate chip cookies, I know are taboo....but Oreos? They may look like
chocolate because they are dark, but they don't taste like chocolate. In fact,
I like the "double stuff" inside them almost as much as I like the crispy,
crunchy cookies.

I suppose I could switch to Biscoff cookies. They are bland and sure not
chocolate. I think they are Dutch. You can crunch them up and use them in
cakes, other cookies and pie crusts. You really only eat one or two at the
most, not because they are expensive, which they are, but because of their
taste. Don't get me wrong, they taste o.k. and can probably soothe a tummy-
ache, but no way on earth can they take the place of sweet, sweet chocolate.

I suppose I could just eat Cheetos--those cheesy, wonderful, lick your fingers
to get rid of the orange cheese whatever they are called. Of course, never
between meals, just as a dessert-type thing that isn't Jello or something like
that. Or maybe a strawberry trifle with vanilla pudding and Cool Whip with a
vanilla cake. Myself, I'd take a chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, Heath Bar,
Cool Whip trifle any day, but I guess I could suffer with the strawberry one.

Easter is forty days away from the first day of Lent. I don't want an Easter
bonnet in my Easter basket, I'll take chocolate, like the Binky Bunnies that
have the blue button eyes and chocolate ears that you chew off first.

I put a few cinnamon candies in my pocket when I was at the Senior Center. I
could have them for dessert if I need something sweet.

White chocolate they say is not really chocolate (don't ask me why they call
it chocolate if it's not) and tastes great made into bark. During
Christmastime, they had a White Chocolate and Peppermint candy bar that was
delicious. I did make some myself. It was good, but not as good as you buy in
the stores. I swear that they put in some secret ingredient in the store
bought bark.

No, chocolate is chocolate. I'll just have to wait.

Happy Easter.

April 7, 2017

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