Why James E. Milano became Mayor of Melrose

... My fond thoughts of Jim Milano

from Rola Savarino

Jim Milano with Rola and Arthur Savarino at a reception for their son and his wife in
1973 after their wedding in New Jersey.

My husband, Arthur, and I, Rola, owned and operated a restaurant in Melrose in the 60's.
Jim was a regular who came in for breakfast before going to Boston. Arthur was from
Everett so he did not know Jim. After I introduced them, they were both sincere and
became friends.

It was an election year – Arthur suggested that Jim should run for mayor. “Never thought
of it” was his answer. With other regulars and friends we all encouraged him to run. He
became our Mayor for the next 20 years  — honest, faithful and helpful to all.

I worked with Jim and his partners during his campaign, helping with mailings, making
phone calls, seeing that people got a ride to the polls. I stayed in politics, working
at the polls, for the next 25 years.

In the 1930's my father, John Bucci, was owner of a store in Melrose. He worked with
Joseph Milano during his campaign for State Representative, a position he held for many

Many thanks to the Honorable James E. Milano.  

May 5, 2017

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