Forecasting a questionable future

...  like, am I too old to make out???

from Don Norris

I saw an article in the Boston Globe recently, that said, in essence, that
Americans are NOT the happiest people on this planet. We are, in fact, listed as
number 26 in competition with the rest of us worldly humans.

I object.

Oh, I wish for a lot of things, most of which are as impractical as hell. Like I
wish we had a different president -- a sentiment coming from an ex-republican,
now a democrat. Our nation could be a better place, but then I figure that we're
better off than most others, here, on this globe.

We are probably the happiest population, is my guess.

It's too bad that other humans aren't doing as well as Americans, but then, maybe we can make that happen some day. In the meantime, there are some pretty bad humans around who'd rather kill their neighbors just because they belong to a different ideology.

Man, how small can you get.

Anyway, this poll I saw said that Americans are rated 26th in degree of happiness, in the world. That's pretty hard to believe, seeing as we have about the best living conditions on earth.

The worst of us are those in authority who still believe that brute force is the answer to most of our problems. Meanwhile, our superpeople have recently found that we could be living, if not happily, on a moon circling Saturn. I do NOT volunteer to see if that is true.

In the meantime, we get religious zealots in Asia (among other places) who are killing their countrymen about who's right about their god -- or government. Most of those people already have a pretty low standard of living -- and can look forward to a relatively short time to get in-step with their leaders.

So we so-called Christians predominate in the USA, but laws (and reason) permit other humans to believe what they will -- as long as it doesn't impinge upon the lives of others. Why, the Jewish folks' most holy day is Saturday, NOT Sunday. Isn't that awful!  

We are so religious that we can, at the whim of a president, drop a humongus bomb upon the heads of some desert people. Kill the bad soldiers, but take a few hundred innocents with them.

Yes, those people who died in that bombing were militants, for the most part. But I
wouldn't doubt there was a Christian, or maybe a few agnostics, that died along with all those bad guys.

Life is not perfect -- yet. Give us another ten or fifteen thousand years. We'll learn.

May 5, 2017

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