Finally no fence or leash

...I think it is finally spring

by Casa

Finally, finally, finally the snow is gone and I am back.

It has been a long winter for me but now I am here in Maine again. Oh I had a friend
stay with me when my parent left to come up here alone to be with the snow; but being
here is better.

I heard people say that the snow was higher than I am so I can understand why my parent
did not want to subject me to such a plight. But it is all gone now except for a few
piles of snow mixed with ice and dirt from the driveway.

This is great, no fence to keep me in and no need to go into the house for a drink of
water. I just take myself down to the lake and enjoy the clean cool water from the clear
lake. (I can see right down to the sandy bottom)

Today is a warm day so I laid in the sun to dry off and then got under the picnic table
in the shade.

Just relaxing and enjoying myself.

I really donít enjoy the beginning of the ride up  but I know that the pills I take will
soon get me to sleep as the car moves along the highway at about 70 MPH. It takes a
while after I get here to get over the feeling that humanís call hangover.

There are all sorts of birds back and enjoying the feeders again. As long as I lie still
they take their time eating.

Itís really nice here.

There are tree branches that have fallen in the winter with all the snow and stuff. My
parent got out the electric saw and now she has some more wood for next winter.

There is no rushing here, not much to bark at; it is just a great relaxing place and I
really like it.

May 5, 2017

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