This year's health carnival was a medicinable blast!!!

... we had to choose these 14 flicks from that pile of 83!

from Don Norris

That's Donna Larsson of the Melrose Weekly, beating the Mirror Photog, Don
Norris, to a perfectly good, easy shot. It all happened on the A-field at MHS, and
drew close to to a thousand somewhat-healthy, walking, Melrosians. Ooops, there were
several who chose to wheel-chair it, that day.

Walking down the prominade ...

That's an exercise thing going on. Supposedly everyone is supposed to do that thing
at least every-other-day. One lady told me that she wasn't going to do it, for fear
of getting too skinny.

Random shots of random people.

Oh, oh, I cheated. That's my beautiful wife who walked into my scene just as I pulled
the trigger. Not a bad looker for a super-senior. The picture really was of that tall
dude in the background.

What a gimmick~ Hand out fresh, very large banana -- to everyone who passes by.
Methinks they've got a grove out back of their store.

Ah! The banana-eaters!!! I think Whole Foods bagged this event.

Man Oh Man, those racers had been going some hundred miles an hour, but the event was
halted because of wet conditions.... No winner that day!

I believe one of those kids lost a nickle, and the group spent the morning looking
for it. No luck -- until the rich photographer came along and burped up five cents.
The annual Health Camp-Out once again drew perhaps a couple-hundred of Melrose's
younger, more healthy residents.

That's the Bagman, whose message is "Quit using plastic bags" -- switch back to your
own, old canvas bags. The Bagman's costume and trail represents the number of plastic
bags each family uses in one year. Fantastic!

June 2, 2017

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