Always the same

... always different

by Shirley Rabb

I have been looking out this same picture window for 48 years and my friends tell me
it has always been the same. That of course, is not true.

Today the small leaves on the birch tree seem to glisten like silver dollars against
a soft blue sky. The sky has a wisp of a gentle cloud just resting in the atmosphere.

Earlier today the lake was smooth as glass reflecting the pine trees on the other
side of the water. Now, moving west the ripples on the water look like gentle ocean

A yellow kayak moves slowly as one of my neighbors enjoys the view from the lake.
She paddles carefully as she watches the red winged blackbirds settle on the small
island by my beachfront.

The pollen has created an artistís pattern along the shore with swirls of yellow
against the dark water. The ducks are up close and donít seem to mind the yellow trim
in the lake.

On the beach small purple flowers appear to color the sand; and up closer to the
house, the white flowers of the blueberry or strawberry bushes are sprouting. Of
course the birds will get the berries before I do since I am only here every other
week now. When I was living here full time it was a joy to get my berries for
breakfast just by stepping out the door.

Things change; yet stay the same.

There are flowers at the base of the fireplace, and along the sides of the door the
Lily of the Valley fill the entrance with sweet smells.

The birds come and go and today a cardinal stopped for a moment, bright red in this
sun filled day.

Oh, inside the house things had changed also. In the first 10 years a wall came down,
fireplace and book shelves put up and now there is a new computer and printer.

The trees are never the same; growing and whispering a different song in the winds of
all the seasons.

Most often it is quiet, the way I like it. I can read a different book or write some
different thoughts, or just sit and look out the window to watch and think about the
constant changes.

July 7, 2017

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