Ell Pond bedtime stories

... 2017 photo essay of "Mel,""Rose,"and the Cygnet family

by Debbi Collar

"Attention all! Come, listen to the many stories of our Ell Pond creatures as told by
our swans, "Mel," and "Rose."

Swim on your own over to our nest or take a real live swan boat ride to our nest

Let us tell you bedtime stories from the depths of Ell  Pond

Find a comfortable spot to listen to some feather raising stories

Invite some friends
Our story today begins with our family of cygnets.

Our family has always been a loving family
We have made the city of Melrose and Ell Pond our home for many years. Our ancestry began with just an egg...
Mother Goose may have written tremendous fairytales but we," The Cygnet Family," prefer the genres of our reading to encompass family biographies, history of Melrose and news accounts of what has
happened in the past and what is happening in the present all around our pond, whether listening to the stories from our cobs (male swans) (f) and pens (female swans) or our older brothers and sisters (cygnets). Let us tell you a little bit about our city, our pond, its inhabitants and its history. Further reading you will have to work out yourselves. In its earlier years, residents of the area would not have been calling the current city "Melrose." Instead, it's name was "Ponde Fielde" in reference to the ponds throughout the area."  Years later, the name was changed to "Melrose" due to the hilly landscape reminding Scotland natives here of a burgh in Melrose, Scotland.Scotland. Past residents  born in Melrose include a  children's author Elizabeth George Speare.  She wrote a few children's stories, earning her 2 Newbery medals for her literary work, as well as other commendations. Just a few stories she penned were Witches of Blackbird Pond,>/i>
Calico Captive,
The Bronze Bowas well as stories about colonial life.

As with all bedtime stories,little ones nod off and the story will have be continued at another time,  as these sleepy cygnets have had a busy day at Ell Pond. Goodnight sleepy heads!
**** Historical information from Wikipedia and Enotes ****
**** photos by Debbi Collar

June 2, 2017

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