On a tree coming down

...or rather going up

by Shirley Rabb

Last month I made the decision to have a tree removed from the back yard. The roots
were extending across the yard and I was concerned about the sprinkler system being

I called Northeast Tree because a neighbor used them last year and was very pleased
with their work.

To my surprise a nice young lady came by; clipboard in hand to give me an estimate.
She looked at the height of the tree, about 40 feet; approximate weight about 5,000
pounds. The estimate she gave me was fair, and I thought it would be 3 or 4 weeks
before the job could be done.

As I mentioned she was nice so she called her brother that was doing a job with his
crew the other side of Melrose; and convinced him that this would be a good day to
complete my Melrose project also. Today, WOW.

Later in the day two very large trucks blocked Boardman Ave with a Melrose police man
redirecting traffic.

Now let me explain..the tree was in my back yard behind the shed. The driveway is long
(enough for 4 or 5 cars), and the crane needed to span the telephone wires, move up the
length of the driveway, and over the shed to get to the tree.


The trucks were aligned and the crane, almost fully extends to its 140 feet started
to move. There was one man in a bucket making the move also. The crane went over the
wires, never touching them, moved down the driveway and over the shed to the tree,
not disturbing anything in its way.


The gentleman up in the tree started to attach the tree to the crane somehow. I then
heard the buzzing sound of the saw. Somehow the man in the tree was gone and the
tree was lifted up over the shed, back down the driveway, over the wires and like Mary
Poppins was floating over Boardman Avenue.  I was astounded at the sight of a flying
tree in front of my house.



The tree was gently settled on the road in front of the shredding truck and soon
disappeared from sight. The street was swept up from the left over wood chips and in
less than an hour the job was done.


Pam and her brothers Jim and Eddy, along with the rest of the crew were pleasant,
professional and did a wonderful job in a momentous time frame.

The wood chips are sold to a company that sends them to a factory in New Hampshire
that uses the chips for fuel. Good plan I think.


A few days later Erik came back with a small grinder to deal with the stump and the
roots that were stretching across the yard.

The job was amazing to watch from all aspects; flying tree, grinding stump and

What a wonderful world we live in.

July 7,2017

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