Sailing down the Danube to Budapest ...

... it was the vacation of a lifetime!

from Don Norris

It is a strange time for the Norris family, lately. Some half of us are in -- or
have just returned -- from Europe.

Like granddaughter Kathryn and new husband Zack, who got married last September
and immediately took off for London. She was registered at a major university in
London to earn her masters degree and Zack went along after persuading his boss
that he could do all his work for the company, in London -- via his portable
computer. Neat business, although he took a small hit on his salary.

In the meantime, Kathryn and Zack have flown to endless European countries. One
time they called us on our computers from Spain, another time from Denmark...

And since then, Kathryn's brother Jeff, and his partner Ashley spent several weeks
in England and Scotland, doing family research and wandering around.

Then the grandparents decided they would go (again) to Europe, by signing up for
a trip down the Danube with Viking, eight days in sheer luxury, stopping off at
some eight major cities -- such as Vienna and Budapest. It was our best trip
ever, we were treated like royalty, we ate and drank copiously, saw several
different countries, and had a delightful time.

Both Lorry and I can recommend Viking. It was an outstanding vacation, floating
down the Danube, visiting several major cities, eating and drinking very nicely,
in delightful quarters. Our Viking boat was some two blocks long, luxurious, two
dining rooms, a nice bar where wine and beer was on the house -- I'd rate that
trip our best, ever.

Except the year we spent driving a motorhome around our own forty-eight.

But on the Viking Cruise, every day was spectacular. Every day we were landed at
a major city, toured with excellent guides, carried around on new, big, modern,
high buses. It was a a star vacation and we got a "two-for-one" discount by
registering last January.

I must have taken close to a thousand photos during our eight-day cruise. The
trouble was, I didn't record where we were, the small substitute cameras kept
running short on batteries, but I just kept on shooting. Now all I have to do is
figure out where some thousand pix were made.

But I have to recommend Viking. They are so efficient, so thorough, so perfect,
so accommodating. And, back in January, they offered a two-for-one price tag for
their Danube trip -- Lorry and I signed up immediately, our voyage assured by
sending along our check for $8,500. Our choice of voyages was in late May, when
the spring weather would have arrived.  We ended up with eight days of sunshine
and warm weather.

And while we visited some eight major cities in five different countries, it was
the Viking tour guides, with their electronic speakers, that made each
visitation a delightful and educable time.

And now, at home, I have spent endless hours trying to figure out where all
those photos were taken. My promise to record in writing everywhere we went,
went out the window. There was just so much to do, so much to see, so much to

Both Lorry and I vigorously recommend Viking.

One last thought. All those photos I took with my two (faulty) cameras, will
have to be sorted before publication. Watch for the show to continue in the next
issue of the Melrose Mirror.

July 7, 2017

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