The Tall Ships are coming! The Tall Ships are coming!

... anxiously awaiting the arrival of the tall ships for Sail Boston, 2017...from
guest blogger Elaine Foley's previous post Her blog can be accessed by typing
cafechatelaine@blogspot.com into your search engine.

from Elaine Foley

Elaine Foley is a banker, blogger and sometime photographer. She is
active with the Melrose Chamber as a member of the Board of Directors.


Back in May, I applied for press credentials for the arrival of the Tall Ships.  
I knew I wanted to see Sail Boston 2017 and after looking at the website I saw that
bloggers qualified as media so I applied. To my surprise I was granted credentials and
prepared to attend the Parade of Sail.

I decided to view the parade from Deer Island which is ls located in Winthrop,
Massachusetts. the location would afford me the opportunity see the beginning of the
parade and view of the Boston Skyline.

The day arrived and I had made all my preparations. I knew security would be tight. I
had given my info to the Deer Island contact, my car registration, make and  model of
my car and the names of occupants of the vehicle.

My friend Debbi also had accessed press credentials so we travelled together. I woke up
at 5:00 AM hoping to arrive at Deer Island at 6:30. We did not encounter any traffic on
the way in which was shocking!  I guess our early arrival was a good thing! We were
waved through the first checkpoint to a second one. State Police and their dogs were on
duty. We were requested to open all doors and the trunk and to leave the vehicle. The
dog, a young lab, did his job. Sniffing every inch of the car while the police looked
under the vehicle.

We received the all clear and provided documentation and we were escorted to the gate.
Every single official we encountered was polite, super nice and helpful. We parked
right behind the State Police vehicle and entered the gate. I was so relieved we did
not have to walk miles to get to the viewing area. I had loaded my  backpack with my
camera, snacks, bottled water, sunscreen and Kleenex. I was prepared for a full day at

The fog was quite thick when we arrived  and our clothes became damp very quickly.How
we suffer for our art! I do love fog, it makes everything look so mysterious and the
cloud cover would make for more vibrant colors and interesting photos. I especially
liked the cooler temps. I am not a fan of Summer heat.

As you can see, the egg digesters on Deer Island were shrouded in fog. The Parade of
Sail was delayed by one hour for safety reasons. The fog did burn off nicely. It just
took longer than expected.

There were a few water boats putting on a show.

The parade of 55 ships was impressive! Each one made a graceful entrance and passed
right in front of us. When you sit on rocks overlooking the ocean, no one blocks your

I had to pack my telephoto lens so I could pick up some of the details on the ships.

As the fog burned off, the sun came out. You can wee how close we were to the ships.
Deer Island was a definite prime viewing spot. We saw the beginning of the parade and
then we could see the ships head towards the Boston skyline.

A crowd gathered as the parade progressed. We still had our lucky seats on the rocks
and we weren't moving!

I not only focused on the ships but proper seagull placement was important. As I had
mentioned in a Facebook post, seagulls were photobombing my shots!

I decided to move from my spot and take a walk around the other side of Deer Island.
You can see people were even stationed on the jetty.

The Tall Ships take you back don't they? Back to the history books when wars were
fought on these ships and goods were transported on graceful vessels.

One of the American ships, just beautiful! It made me feel so proud of our

More photobombing seagulls.

And there is the Boston skyline through the fog.

Lots going on here. People on the jetty, small craft hoping for a closer look at the
ships, and all the textures and colors of ocean life.

One of the largest ships we saw. Love all the masts. It was just gorgeous!

We left before the parade finished. We had been there for nearly 6 hours and despite
the several applications of sunscreen 85, I felt it was time to say goodbye.

One last look and a quick goodbye to my new Tall Ships friends. The ships are in town
until June 22nd and I hope to make a few more trips into Boston for other Tall Ship
related events. Besides, I haven't worn out my media credentials yet!

*** photo credit - Elaine Foley ***

July 7, 2017

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