A Sunset Salute

... sun sets over Boston Harbor and a Tall Ships visit
...from guest blogger Elaine Foley's previous post on her own site.
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from Elaine Foley

Elaine Foley is a banker, blogger and sometime photographer. She is
active with the Melrose Chamber as a member of the Board of Directors.


A few nights ago I went back to Boston to see the Tall Ships. This time it
was the Sunset Salute which was at the Charlestown Navy Yard.

If you enjoy pomp and circumstance, military period attire, fifers,
drummers or bagpipers, this was the night for you. The Sunset Salute was
quite the event.

The weather was perfect. At first the skies got very dark and we thought
we might have some rain but not one drop fell on us. Boston was at its

The gentle sound of water hitting the boats was familiar and comforting to
me. I always love to be near the water and I am so fortunate to live  about
15 minutes north of Boston.

I enjoy photographing  all the little details  of the boats and ships.  
Lanterns and pulleys always interest me.

I mentioned the skies got dark early the evening and it looked downright
threatening. It was also quite windy

Fairly quickly the skies turned blue again.  The USS Consitutition was in
dry dock.

Fifers and drummers of all ages participated in the Sunset Salute.

I was tipped off by someone with the William Diamond Fifers and
Drummers of Lexington that they were  doing a group photo in front of the
Constitution. My press credentials  helped me get  info in advance.

It was warm and I was sorry for the people wearing heavy coats in the hot
sun. At least it was evening so it was bit cooler than earlier in the day.

We were privy to a small concert before the big event.

Bagpipers played  Amazing Grace in a poignant moment.

Back to the Lexington contingent of fifers and drummers. I have seen them
perform in Lexington events I have attended.

I really thought the USS Constitution sailors had the best  uniforms of the

The participants marched out of the park and headed to their positions at
the Coast Guard Tall Ship Eagle.

Fifers in action. I am sure it is not easy to play an instrument and march at
the same time.

The Junior ROTC performed a dance routine later in the evening. They
were fantastic and really got the crowd going.

I was mesmerized by this group. They performed in unison, throwing their
guns in the air and creating amazing formations.

I caught a glimpse of them close up when they passed by me.

The bagpipers waited for their turn to perform.

A group huddle by the Junior ROTC.

I think I changed my mind.  This man had my favorite uniform of the

The crowds grew as the sun was setting. It was that golden hour for
photography when the evening light was the kindest.

It was almost overwhelming. The pageantry, the ships, the skyline, the
sunset. Talk about overstimulation. I kept snapping photos. You are lucky I
didn't post them all!

The cadets on the Coast Guard ship had the best view of all.

The USS Constitution looked stunning in her berth
at the Navy Yard.

I love watching all the light reflections on the water. Boston has a beautiful

The Zakim bridge, a Boston landmark, shone brightly at the Sunset Salute.

I bid a fond farewell to Sail Boston 2017, Thanks to all who planned this
magnificent event.  I thorouhly enjoyed every minute f it.

***all photos by Elaine Foley

July 7, 2017

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