Carole P. Tate

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Member of the Silver Stringers
Editorial Committee, The Melrose Mirror

Three levels of cars now park on the spot where I was born in Melrose Hospital. Marigold yellow paint reveals the green Victorian trim on the Lebanon Street house where my folks and grandmother raised three girls and a boy. A new building with a sign reading Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School now graces the location where I spent my high school years (please donít ask me when). Back then, from the safe sidewalks of this city, I gazed longingly outward to the challenge and excitement of the world beyond Ell Pond. Dedicated teachers and good guidance people had coaxed and coached me into getting a college education. Now, upon reflection over four decades, the more I travelled far and wide, the more I grew to appreciate deeply what a great childhood blessing Melrose had been to me. Since returning as a retiree resident in October 2009, I wonder how and what I might give back to Melrose. Perhaps Iíll discover an answer through the looking glass of the Melrose Mirror.

January 10, 2010

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