Bill Jodrey

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Member of the Silver Stringers
Contributor to the Melrose Mirror

I was born in Melrose MA May 1, 1913, the last of seven children of Edith and William Jodrey.

Educated in the Melrose Public School system. I quit school my senior year to explore America. Became part of the Walk-about USA in 1932. Hitchhiked to Washington DC first. Had $20, which didn't last too long. Everyone was nice, and many offered money. When I was hungry, I accepted whatever was given. From Washington I hitchhiked to Chicago and then to South Dakota. I became part of the Hobo crowd and rode freight trains to Seattle, WA, hitchhiked to California then caught freight trains across the US back to Indiana.

Did this for four months and returned to Melrose. Joined the CCC and spent one year in Vermont then back to Melrose to settle down and earn a living.

Married Dorothy Davison on December 31, 1935, New Years Eve. Had one child, Elaine born in 1939. Elaine now lives in Ocala, FL. I have one grand child, David.

I have had a variety of occupations: Tree surgeon, licensed oil- burner repair person, and during World War II I was a crane-rigger at General Electric Company in Lynn, MA then a post-war mechanical inspector. I retired in 1975 after 33 years with them.

After retiring I drove a bus for the Greater Lynn Senior Services.

An early hobby of wood carving led to sculpting and ceramics in later life. Took classes in art; i.e. oils, watercolors, scenery and portraits. In the apartment complex where I live, all the basement walls are covered with my paintings. I also have several hanging in the lounge area.

I am no longer painting but have concentrated on storytelling with my word-processor. I had been telling of my early experiences as part of the Walk About USA while wandering around the country and was persuaded to start writing about it. So, everything else has been pushed to the back burner, and all my energies are now directed to putting my experiences on paper.

I enjoy fellowship, being part of the Silver Stringers.

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