Virginia Hanley

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Editor of Melrose Mirror
Member of the Silver Stringers
Contributor to the Melrose Mirror

I was born in Melrose on May 23, 1927. In fact, I was the third generation of Hanleys to be born, not only in Melrose but on the same street, my grandmother and my father being the first two.

I attended St. Mary's School for 12 years and then went to Boston College Intown for 3 years. Ten years later I returned to BC and graduated in 1961. In between I had gone to Washington, D.C. to work for the Defense Department and then went to Bonn, West Germany to work in the American Embassy.

Over the years I have worked for Boston College, Pan American Airways, The Forum Corporation of North America, and The Casey Florist Company in Melrose.

I have had ample opportunity to indulge in my favorite hobby - travelling. While in Europe, I took many bus trips, several to Italy and to Spain, England, Austria and, of course, within Germany. My favorite trip was to Lourdes and Fatima. After I went to work for Pan Am, my mother and I took advantage of the airline's reduced rate policy for employees and visited Ireland (twice), Italy, Hawaii, England and France.

Presently, my primary "hobby" is working on the Melrose Mirror. I am on the Editorial Committee and read almost all of the articles submitted for publication. I am also responsible for proof reading and inputting a great many articles into the Mirror.

Another hobby I am beginning to develop is being a contestant in the City-Wide Adult Spelling Bee , a fund-raising event for the Melrose public schools. The Melrose Council on Aging sponsors a 3-member team to compete against teams from other organizations from Melrose. We have not yet won, but we have not disgraced ourselves either.

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