Jack Driscoll

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Editor-in-Residence, MIT Media Lab.
Established the SilverStringers and
Melrose Mirror in 1996.
Advisor to the SilverStringers
Contributor to the Melrose Mirror

Jack Driscoll sort of has a foot in both camps: Melrose and MIT. He was born at Melrose Hospital, graduated from Melrose schools, worked for the Free Press while a student and lived in the city for 35 years before moving to Topsfield and now Rye, N.H.

His wife, the former Dolores LeSaffre, also comes from Melrose.

After nearly 40 years at the Boston Globe, Jack retired in 1994 and became Editor-in-Residence at the MIT Media Lab.

Aware that the Milano Center was getting started and knowing that Jack Beckley was a forward-thinking director, Driscoll was part of the MIT team that approached some volunteers about sharing their wisdom through writing and other forms of communication as part of a research project studying community computing.

He continues as part of the regular MIT delegation that meets regularly with the SilverStringers.

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