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I was born in Philadelphia the fourth generation to live in the same house. My grandmother was born in Boston so we had Baked Beans every Saturday night which my mother spent all day "basting". I had one brother, who served in the Navy during WWII in the anti submarine fleet on the Atlantic Ocean. I attended Philadelphia schools, and graduated from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Nursing School in 1950. After working a couple of years I went back to the University of Pennsylvania and earned a Degree in Nursing Education.

I taught Medical Surgical Nursing for many years at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. Later taught at two other institutions. In my retirement years I spent 13 years back at HUP as a travel nurse. This meant giving advice and shots to anyone who was going overseas. I have edited my School of Nursing Alumni Association's Newsletter for almost 15 years. I took a course a couple of years ago on "how to write your life story". I am still working on my "book". I retired again at the age of 70 in the year 2000.

I met my husband to be in 1956 just as I was finishing up at Penn and we were married the following year. We enjoyed the out of doors camping, canoeing and back packing. We hiked in the Rocky Mountain National park as one of the highlights of our back packing experiences. Al, my husband, died while white water canoeing in 1986.

We had two daughters and I now have also two wonderful sons in law and two great grandsons Elaine lives just 15 minutes away with Mike, Alex and Peter and of course Karen and Steve are the proud resident of Melrose. Karen and I and her dog Russel have walked over many of the streets of Melrose.

In addition to my professional career, I have accumulated 40 years as a Girl Scout Volunteer. For ten years I led a Junior Girl Scout Troop. I was the camp nurse for ten years. I was a trainer for camping and back packing skills and led many junior and cadette troops other than my own on backpacking experiences. At present I am camping consultant in my local girl scout area and am a member of the Girl Scout Archives Committee.

October 11, 2005

Article by Eleanor Jenkins
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