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Contributor to the Melrose Mirror

Born: August 5, 1919 in Washington, D.C. Married to Marie for 38 years. Graduated Brockton High School in 1937 and attended Thayer Academy, 1938; Boston University, College of Liberal Arts, (CLA) now College of Arts and Sciences (CAS,) and graduated in 1942 with a B.A. degree.

Graduate studies; Rhode Island School of Design, Northeastern University, Boston University. Education and Rehabilitation courses at Harvard University, Columbia University, (twice), and New York Medical School, as well as Fitchburg Teachers College.

Recent: Senior Supervisor of Vocational Rehabilitation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Supervisor of Physical Rehabilition for eight years and Placement Supervisor of the Disabled for 18 years.

Prior: Catholic Guild for the Blind with Father Thomas Carroll, Director, now the Carroll Rehabilitation Center. There for three years as counselor-teacher, in a full power and hand tool shop.

Certified Teacher in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Nampshire; seven years of high school teaching in English, history, math and industrial arts. Trade experience: Brockton Vocational, 42 hours in carpentry and 170 hours in auto mechanics of New Bedford Vocational.

1942 to 1962 off and on as a shipfitter lst class for the Bethlehem Steel Co., Fore River, Quincy. Certified as a navy welder-burner and hull inspector. At wartime erected landing craft, landing ships and destroyer escorts, then went to cargo and tanker ships. Last job at Beth Steel was civilian-navy inspector for two atomic frigates, the Brainbridge and the McDonough.

I have had jobs as mechanical/government inspector in machine shops for Raytheon and Independent Lock Co. dealing in ordinance during the Korean War.

On the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association for 33 years and for 17 years as treasurer, until 1997.

Met Marie at the English Country Dance Society in Boston. Also square danced for 10 years then went climbing the 4000 footers throughout New England. Belonged to the Applachian Mountain Club (AMC) for 20 years. We have lived in Melrose for 30 years. Marie's parents were married at Trinity Church, Melrose.

My Grandfather, John Bartlett, traveled to Melrose and Wakefield from Brockton to sing in the male chorus. This was 1866 to 1870. He was a veteran of the Civil War.

David became a member SilverStringers September, 1999

September 15, 1999

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