John Cerretani

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Member of the Silver Stringers
Contributor to the Melrose Mirror

Cerretani Family History:

Parents: Mother Uliami Cerretani,  Father Amilcare Cerretani, both deceased. Nine members of immediate family, 7 boys  2 girls; one brother and one sister deceased.

Grew up in Wakefield till 1943; served in Army until 1946.

During the Second World War my mother owned a small variety store in Wakefield. During the 30s great depression no work to be found. My dad opened a small meat, produce, and grocery market on West Foster Street in Melrose, on the ground floor of the Knights of Columbus building. The market was called Richardson's Market. We had free delivery, credit and all the other goodies!

At that time there were some very established markets in town, such as, Andrew's Market, Garniss Market, Melrose Meat Shop, First National Store (Finast), A. H. Brown, Abe's Market, and Kennedy's Butter and Egg Store.

We really thought it was suicide to open the market, but we were able to weather the competition and business grew.

In 1964, we bought the former Finast store on Essex Street and opened our new store as Cerretani's. And before I retired we had 5 supermarkets.

In 1950 I married my lovely wife, Marianna Galvin, and we have been blessed  with 8 sons and 1 daughter - 19 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Became interested in the Silver Stringers and joined February 9, 2000.

March 2, 2000

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