Marianna Cerretani

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Member of the Silver Stringers
Contributor to the Melrose Mirror

I was born April 30, 1928 at 30 Bunker Hill St., Charleston, Mass. Besides myself the family consisted of my two older brothers, and one younger brother.

We moved to Melrose,when I was six years old. My memories of Charleston,are few but happy. I entered first grade at the Calvin Coolidge School, which now is an apartment building.

My Dad was the agent for The Railway Express Agency. His office was on West Emerson St. (now a lovely gift shop)

Graduated from Melrose High class of 1946. Went to work for the N.E. Telephone & Telegraph Co. which operated from a building on West Foster, now the Police Station.

I married a local businessman, John Cerretani, who owned a small grocery store, also on West Foster St.

We are proud parents of eight boys and one daughter.

We have recently moved to Stoneham, but prefer to think of it as West Melrose.

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