Marie Salamanca

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Member of the Silver Stringers
Contributor to the Melrose Mirror

I was raised in East Boston by my maternal grandmother because my mother died when I was a young child. I was the 13th child of this very wise Italian immigrant woman who could neither read nor write, but who taught me to think for myself and be joyful.

My husband and I moved to Melrose in 1963 where as parents of 4 children born in 3 years, and later adding a 5th, we became involved. I taught religious education for 24 years, led 2 Camp Fire Groups, served as den mother twice, and as co-president with my husband Anthony, of the Washington School PTA. He later became the Alderman for Ward 6, for 18 years.

Never having had the opportunity to attend college at the usual age, I was thrilled to have earned a degree in English from Salem State College at the age of 50. I enjoy reading, gardening,(but I'd rather sit beside the flowers and tomatoes and read). I also enjoy quilting, home decorating, writing, and my 13 grandchildren whom I dearly love--especially when they go home.

Salamanca grandchildren

March 2003

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